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  • IRFA – International Ring Fight Arena is exactly what it sounds like, a martial arts organization where fighters from around the world fight each other in a ring or cage.

    IRFA was started on Perry L. D. Segerqvist’s initiative with its first event in Uppsala on the 22nd of October 2011 in kick- and Thai boxing.

    jorgen_fotoSince IRFA’s inception, MMA fights have been performed with none other that Jörgen “The Last Viking” Kruth who is now a regular fighter in the UFC. Even championship fights have been implemented in Thai boxing. Martin Akthar from Malmö became the European Champion at gala conducted by IRFA.

    Just to mention a few fighters who have fought on a IRFA event: Jörgen Kruth, Daniel Teymur, David Teymur, Bodil Frick and Abbe Joof. The fighters come from a variety of countries such as Norway, Denmark, Finland, Russia and Lithuania, just to mention a few.

    The development and expansion of IRFA has taken a new turn since April 2012 after Christer Radecky and Piotr Baginski came “on board” with a strong focus on MMA in a cage/octagon.

    IRFA will conduct at least three MMA events a year with the starting date in 2013. Other events and competitions will also be conducted.

    IRFA is growing fast and a lot has happened in a short time. The future is …

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